Wireless Networking Services

Wireless networking allows for mobility, flexibility and cheaper networking connecting multiple offices, buildings and other places easily. Locations and offices can be have public or private Wireless Networking service to share resources such as the Internet using Wi-Fi technology. These Wireless networks join numerous wireless access points together to span larger area. Wi-Fi hotspots provide public wireless Internet service in locations such as offices, schools, airports, event places, Network extension to remote sites, building to building connectivity, Small Office / home Office Setup or mobile office Networking. Wi-Fi is a low-cost option relative to other forms of wireless Internet service.

Wireless Installation

Ensure the success of your wireless LAN rollout. Lana’s detail oriented project management skills can assist with even the most complex network designs to ensure that your project is delivered on-time and on-budget while meeting all of your organizations performance and security requirements. Timeline for BoM procurement, installation, and testing Resource allocation at each site Installation and configuration of your WLAN Full documentation and labeling of installation for inventory and maintenance

WLAN Product Selection

Evaluating available WLAN solutions can be overwhelming. Leverage Lana’s WLAN expertise for recommendations on specific product solutions to match your organizations wireless needs. Lana experts can provide guidance on all aspects of your wireless network design including: Type of WLAN protocols, APs, and WIPS sensors Type of antennas Cabling and power (including PoE) Other accessories such as weatherproof enclosures, lightning arrestors, etc. if necessary

Wireless Security Audit

With over 25 patents granted, Lana is recognized as the leader in WLAN security. Lana’s professional services team can provide assistance in defining your wireless policies that follow industry best practices. Key deliverables include: Evaluation of your WLAN performance and security requirements Planning of fresh deployments or upgrade of existing ones (including migration to 802.11ac) Considering regional regulatory requirements

Onsite Live Survey

Maximize the return on your existing WLAN investment. Benefit from a live onsite RF site survey conducted by Lana RF experts that includes: Fine-tuning of WLAN predictive planning Troubleshooting of wireless performance problems if any Spectrum analysis to detect live RF interference Guidance on continued reliable operation of your WLAN

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