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Attendance Management System

Industry Description

Auto-synchronization of palm, Finger-vein, Face, Fingerprint and Card templates can be done with the web-based Time Attendance Software. Real-time data can be transferred with the help of attendance software. It supports multi-language privileges to the users. Through this attendance calculation and reports can be easily made without any lag. With the simple access control module, it helps in the proper functioning of an entity. With a brand new user interface, it performs as an automatic attendance management. It is the payroll module that calculate employees’ wages according to their workloads and can generate WPS report easily. Here an Automatic Synchronisation function is available to automatically. The system which offers the most innovative features and can applicable for the concerts with divisions or departments. Here we can formulate or fix the flexible shift scheduling or auto shift according to their needs. Employee self-service and multiple admin is another privilege which make us different from other competitors. It also perform functions like multi-level approvals and automatic e-mail alerts. Thus User can set the attendance parameter like check-in, check out, and overtime rules.

Fingerprint attendance Installation

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Parking Management System

Attendance Management System