Alarm System Installation

N850 Alarm Control Panel system takes advantage of international most advanced multi-digits random code hopping tech in safety and reliability performance , effectively solved the problems of interference, false alarm and miss alarm from other systems.FN850 Alarm Control Panel system use international common CONTACT ID method to send alarm signal, expanding its application range and compatibility. The system can be widely applied in home, community, villa, shops, and public working place, etc. FN850 Alarm Control Panel system introduces international most advanced digital sensor and control technique, is an integrated smart alarm control system combined with anti burglar, fire, gas leak and other applications, totally compatible with wire and wireless two alarm methods.. Full process with voice indication, no complicated memory commands, easy-operation , easy to learn and use


  • 1. Built-in GSM module, with PSTN and GSM network two alarm methods, send signal to alarm center by ADEMCO CONTACT ID protocol, arm/disarm with SMS indication, SMS remote control arm/disarm status, SMS check panel status. PSTN and GSM network priority optional.
  • 2. Full voice indication: All local or remote operations, alarm information and event record query have corresponding voice prompt
  • 3. Alarm receiving phone number: It can be set 2 CMS phone no and 4 common voice receiving phone no
  • 4. Clock: Built-in auto calendar/clock, can be set as local time
  • 5. Remote phone control: Via tel phone dialing and password verified to achieve remote control system as operations of arm , disarm, monitor indoor status, system status query.

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