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ZK Time Web 2.0: Web based attendance management for Leather Corner

Leather Corner is our first and continuously developing project in terms of integrating new technologies as well as business as per the growing needs day by day, which we have done all around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Leather Corner is a sister concern of the Apparel Group. The Apparel Group is a global fashion and lifestyle brand conglomerate residing on the crossroads of a modern economy - Dubai, UAE. The mercurial growth in the last 15 years has been by acquiring a host of world class fashion labels from around the world - Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, Aldo & Tim Hortons just to name a few. Today the group caters to thousands of eager shoppers through its 1200+ stores, employing over 12,000 multi cultural staff in over 4 continents. Apparel believes in turning dreams in to reality and we give everyone -our customers, our stakeholders, our employees - an equal opportunity to do so. The project was started with 100 branches with U260 and all the record data was collected in the head office. Then as the number of branches grows, we implemented the new technologies step by step to meet the customer requirement with complete satisfaction. Now the central solution is changed to Time Web 2.0 to meet the requirement of the customer including around 200 branches and its employees. U 260 is a standalone fingerprint Time and Attendance system for 'IN' and 'OUT' status. It is designed especially for security and proxy attendance control, it is easy to integrate into any kind of existing applications includes static application and VPN applications.


  • Biometric Machine is easy to operate and user friendly
  • It is highly secured with Password protection
  • Server Load optimization (Multiple records in one ping)
  • In absence of network it stores the Data in memory
  • Optional IP / HTTP URL Communication
  • Accurate data Export to USB

Project Details

  • Customer: Leather Corner
  • Category: Biometrics & RFID
  • Date post: 26 Dec, 2015
  • Tags:ZK Time Web 2.0, ADMS, U260